The analysis and forecast of international cooperation in scientific and technological

Author(s): Chunfeng Liu, Xiaolong Zhang, Aimin Yang, Ling Zhang

Scientific and technological strength have become a necessary condition for economic growth. In this paper, we fromthe R&Dfunding, SCI papers number and patents three aspects describe in the strength of China’s scientific and technological.And fromthe R&D expenditure ofGDP, SCI papers number and patents we use the contact numbers to do a comparison with the world’s major scientific and technological country, from the this view we can evaluated the scientific and technological strength of these countries. Through the level of scientific and technological cooperation and use of the probability of success was a prediction of scientific and technological cooperation. Ifwe establish a relationshipwith the probability of successful cooperation and spectral norm, that we can assess pros and cons of cooperation by the spectral normof the contacting number matrix

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