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The analysis and application of computer video feedback in the physical education

Author(s): Xuezi Li

In a learning system, Feedback is information feedback refers to the learning results. The results will be provided to the learners' learning. In physical education, feedback learning as an effective learning method is used frequently. By showing the computer feedback of education basic theories to understand and explore the computer video feedback has special advantage in the physical education, can improve the education environment, embody the features of visual and vivid, improve the analysis ability and learning interest of students understanding, reinforcement learning goals, greatly improve the education effect, is worthy of promotion. Information and communication technology which include radio and television, as well as newer digital technologies such as computers and the Internet-have was claimed to potentially powerful tools for educational change and reform. When used appropriately, different ICT are said to help expand access to education, strengthen the relevance of education to the increasingly digital workplace, and raise educational quality by helping make teaching and learning into an engaging, active process connected to real life.

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