Tennis drop-point predictionmodel research based onmatlab simulation

Author(s): Bo Zhang

Pumping ball technology is the most common the most utilizing and important technology of tennis; it is also an important manifestation of tennis basic skills. Therefore, study various factors that impact tennis player to forecast and judge opponent pumping drop-point, make them master the timing and method of pumping the ball drop-point, which is of important guiding significance to improve the predictive judgment accuracy and timeliness on pumping the ball drop-point for tennis players and to improve back hitting ball quality. This article assumes that by “Eagle Eye” system we already has obtained three-dimensional coordinates, speed and speed direction of a point in tennis flight, build the model under condition of not considering the air resistance and the resistance to flowaround, and calculate the tennis drop-point image using MATLAB simulation. Finally consider tennis rotate, according to Bernoulli’s principle, forecast the drop-point of tennis using differential equations in mathematics and mechanical model built on turbulent fluid knowledge. In this study, by analyzing athletes of different levels and training time, the differences in the predictive judgment provide some useful reference for the selection of the tennis player.

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