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Teaching design based on english listening and speaking of e-learning

Author(s): Liqin Lin

The paper studies how the E-learning (multimedia network) used in courses designed to improve the quality of teaching English listening and speaking course. In this study, the first to take a literature study, based on the behavior of the people, cognitive theory, also by studying the literature, the use of qualitative methods elaborated on the concept of Elearning and characteristics, as well as the importance of teaching English listening and speaking of E-learning in modern English, and to further explore the moment for Chinese domestic network teaching English listening and speaking course meaning. Secondly, this study took a model simulation; the modern which combined teaching principles of design and modern IT technology for the effective integration of network building listening and speaking instructional design model. Last, this study used the five Likert Method of teaching English listening and speaking network design model to make a comprehensive and effective assessment, evaluation results obtained 4.92, this data shows that the model meets Chinese English listening-speaking teaching requirements, and it can effectively improve the students listening and speaking ability, with a high promotional value in English teaching practice.

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Table of Contents

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