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Taijiquan movement cultural inheritance system game theory analysis and research

Author(s): Gang Zhao

Taijiquan contains China’s 5000 years essence; it includes great Confucian and Taoist thought. It is China’s precious culture heritage, so China is necessary to establish Taijiquan movement cultural inheritance system. By firstly establishing analytic hierarchy process model, the paper solves Taijiquan movement cultural inheritance folk, school gym and modern mass media transmission respectively proportions are respectively 0.432, 0.366 and 0.202 when inherit Taijiquan movement culture in case considering cultural protection, social influence, thinking of inheritance and yield returns as well as other influence factors, and gets that in Taijiquan movement cultural inheritance aspect, modern mass media companies are mostly with purposes of getting profits, therefore it needs government external force interference. After that, according to game analysis and evolution game analysis, it solves that in government and modern mass media Taijiquan movement cultural inheritance problems, the best strategy is that modern mass media companies should make contributions to inherit Taijiquan movement culture, and government should positive support and monitor modern mass media companies inheritance on Taijiquan movement culture.

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