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Taekwondo roundhouse kick leg technique biomechanical feature research and application

Author(s): Yunpeng Meng

With progress of times, Taekwondo has also been rapidly developing, and become formal event inOlympicGames. In order to find outChinese athletes’ shortcomings and defects, the paper analyzes mechanical relations and dynamical relations when athletes make roundhouse kicking; it gets athletes’ potential energy generated when they make roundhouse kicking. And analyzes athletes data, it gets that when athletes make roundhouse kicking, their hip joint, knee joint and ankle joint kinematic features. Finally it gets that when athletesmake roundhouse kicking, in case that quadriceps femoris and hamstrings fully contraction, they should try to reduce hip abduction angle and hip inflection angle as much as possible, shorten each phase completion time, improvemotions’ speed andmotions surprise, so that arrives at anticipative effects and let own party get advantage

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