Table tennis diameter changes research based on analytic hierarchy process and kinetic energy comprehensive optimization control

Author(s): Bo Peng, Jinjun Jiang

The paper carries out analysis from athletes’ experience qualities and audiences’ appreciation qualities two aspects, applies analytic hierarchy process and table tennis dynamical simulation model researching table tennis diameter increasing from38mmto 40mminfluences on competition appreciation. After that, establish falling time and kinetic energy comprehensive optimization controlling mathematical planning model, it gets best table tennis diameter. Research process takes athlete experience quality as first class indicator, takes technical difficulty, tactical thinking, forehand using times, backhand using times, receiving rate as second class indicators, applies analytic hierarchy process method getting each influence factorsweights and athlete experience quality and each influence factor relationship, it can know that table tennis diameter increasing improves athlete experience quality.And then consider table tennis diameter changes to audience appreciation quality influence, audience appreciation quality mainly reflects on table tennis speed and rotational speed; to table tennis speed, it applies table tennis dynamical simulation model getting table tennis speed and diameters relationship, which can learn that table tennis diameter increasing let speed reduce and audience appreciation quality improve. To table tennis rotational speed, according to moment of momentumtheorem, it solves different rotational speeds on condition table tennis has different diameters, and finally gets rotation reductionwill affect ball aggressiveness, increases table tennis competition round numbers, and let audience appreciation quality improve.

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