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Synthetic Applications of Crude Laccase from Abortiporus biennis MTCC-1176

Author(s): Manisha Sharma, Pankaj Kumar Chaurasia and Sudha Yadava

This communication reports a new laccase as an effective biocatalyst, obtained from the liquid culture growth medium of the indigenous fungal strain Abortiporus biennis MTCC-1176 in the selective synthesis of substituted benzaldehydes from respective substituted toluenes. Selective bioconversions of 3-nitrotoluene to 3-nitrobenzaldehyde, 2-chlorotoluene to 2-chlorobenzaldehyde and 4-chlorotoluene to 4-chlorobenzaldehyde have been performed in the presence of ABTS as mediator molecule within 1 h to 4 h at room temperature.

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