Synthesis Of N-Substituted Thienopyrroles And Thienoisoindoles From Vicinal Thiophene And Benzothiophene Dicarbaldehydes

Author(s): Mahmoud A.El-Badawi

The reaction of 2,3-thiophene and 5,6- benzo[b]thiophene dicarbaldehydes in the presence of 1,2-ethanedithiol with 5-amino-1-aryl-3-pyridyl pyrazoles in alcoholic medium gave the mono and dicondensated products of Nsubstituted thienopyrroles and thienoisoindoles. By carrying out the reaction in absence of thiol in dry ether and DMF or xylene medium gave the thienopyrrol-6-one and thienoisoindol-7-one derivatives, while the reaction with excess amino compounds lead to the formation of mono and dicondensation products.

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