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Synthesis of new nucleoside analogues via mannich base and studding their biological activities

Author(s): ThanaaM.Al-Mouamin, Dehyaa J.Mehdi

Our goal in this research, was synthesized of some new nucleoside anologues. Starting from á-D glucose and á-D mannose which were converted to per acetylated â-D-gluco pyronoside and â-D-mannose furannose, then converted to active 1-Bromo sugar (2,5) as a sugar moiety. The base 2-substituted imidazoline was prepared from condensation of ethylene diamine with different aromatic aldehydes, which were subjected to amino alkylation via Mannich reaction forming new nucleoside derivatives. Condensation of nucleo base with bromo sugar in presence of o-xylene through nucleophilic substitution of anomeric carbon with nitrogen of Mannich base forming a new protected nucleoside analogues. To obtain our target the free nucleoside analogues, the protected nucleoside analogues were hydrolyzed with methoxide in methanol. All prepared compounds were identify by FT-IR spectroscopy and some of them with 1H-NMR and 13C-NMR spectroscopy, screened for their antibacterial activity in vitro against four types of bacteria including Bacillus, staphylococcus (gram positive). E. coli and pseudomonas as (gram negative). And also were screened against four types of fungi.

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