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Synthesis And Antitubercular Activities Of S-Glycosyl Mercaptans

Author(s): R.P.Tripathi, Vinod K.Tiwari, B.K.Singh, V.Chaturvedi, Y.K.Manju, A.K.Srivatava, S.Sinha, A.Gaikwad

A series of S-glycosyl alkyl thiols (3-10) were synthesised by 1,4 - conjugate addition of sulphur nucleophiles to glycosyl olefinic esters (1,2). The selected compounds (3,4,7,8) on oxidation with KMnO4 resulted in quantitative yield of corresponding sulphones (11-14). The synthesized compounds were screened against M. tuberculosis, though most of the compound exhibited little activity; however one of them (15) exhibited good antitubercular activity in vitro for further optimization

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