Syntheses and characterization of pyrrole pyrazoline heterocycles

Author(s): Sunil Kumar, Dinesh Kumar

Over a past few years, functionalized cyanovinylpyrroles started attracting attention as molecular optical switches, in particular as ultrafast ones, for design of many medicinally impotant pyrrole heterocycles. Cyanovinylpyrroles are attracting attention as starting material for synthesis of biheterocyclic molecules. In the present work we have utilized ethyl á-cyano 2-pyrrole acrylate for the synthesis of pyrrole pyrazoline heterocycles. The reaction of ethyl á-cyano 2-pyrrole acrylate have been carried with hydrazides and hydrazine derivatives and reactions result in the formation of heterocyclic molecules presenting important synthesis for medicinal chemists. The structure of synthesized compounds was confirmed by spectral (IR, 1H NMR) data.

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