Survival analysis method-based national traditional sports events development and inheritance research

Author(s): He Xiao

China has played more and more important roles in international stage, Chinese traditional culture has gradually attracted people’s attention, from which it contains national traditional sports events. Before that, these sports events show disappearance sign. In order to let people to better understand Chinese national sports events development status, the paper takes Hunan province and Guangdong province as research objects, relies on fifty-eight kinds of traditional sports events data, uses survival analysis method to analyze the two place traditional sports event development status. Obtained conclusion is that sports events that to be forgotten are Bashan dance, North ga, beating spinning top, funeral dance, rod creep, horizontal bar resisting, Yajia, kicking shuttle-cock, ancient wrestling, bamboo basket, bamboo ring basket, push-and-pull, flying pebbles, stilt walk, swinging, rope skipping, playing cards, cock throwing, rubber band skipping. Optimal developed sports events are bundle beating, Maogusi dance, Miao martial arts, wood shooting, boundary cock penalty, festive lantern jumping, roulianhua, table jumping, straw dragon dance, Gong chicken snatching, water float, spine resisting, squeezing oil residue

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