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Survey and analysis for sport injuries of long jumpers

Author(s): Shuyu Xia

As one of the conventional sport events, long jump is loved by many sports enthusiasts. Long jump is a track and field sport that a sportsman runs up along the straight line, take off with single foot in front of the take-off board and behind the line, and then use both feet to land on the sandpit after the flight phase. Long jump is featured with fast speed, high strength and strong explosiveness. When a long jumper’s body is at poor state in exercising, various sport injuries are liable to occur. Therefore, it’s crucial for a sportsman to effectively reduce the sport injuries of long jumpers. In this study, the questionnaire method and enquiry method are used to conduct the survey and analysis for the sport injuries conditions of 210 long jumpers in total of Beijing City in 2013 and perform the statistical analysis for the occurring probability of sport injuries, occurring parts, degree of occurring injuries and occurring period. Based on this, this paper sets forth the measure of internal prevention in combination with external prevention, proposes that a sportsman shall focus on improving psychological quality and adopt the prevention method of active prevention coordinating with passive prevention, a coach, etc., shall train sportsmen in accordance with their aptitude, focus on caring for recovery and training conditions of “vulnerable” sportsmen, correct the sportsmen’s reliance on fixed combinations to protection long jumpers, promote the healthy long-term development of long jump and make benefits for the process of nationaltrack and field sports cause.

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