Study on thermal conduction for low-dimension magnetic materials

Author(s): Anmei Wang

The thermal conduction research process of low-dimensional magnetic material is a complicated process. In this process, the higher requirement on growing condition of monocrystal is proposed. For growing process of, the thermal conduction conditions produce the important influence on monocrystal forming; in the process of growing, the temperature produces important function on success acquisition of monocrystal. In this paper, the conditions are searched through crystal growing, structural surface characteristics and physical property survey so that the growing conditions of monocrystal can be established. In combination with structural characteristics of monocrystal, the verification method is described effectively. Secondly, through physical property survey, DC magnetisability and magnetization curve of crystal are obtained effectively to judge the crystallization of crystal. Afterwards, the comprehensive discussion n and study are conducted for monocrystal growing, structural surface characteristics and physical property research; finally, the thermal conduction discipline for low-dimensional magnetic materials is obtained. This kind of study thought sufficiently embodies the study contents and study purpose so as to reach the requirement that the study process of this paper is provided with stronger theoretical and practical requirement and ensure that the study thought of this paper is further close as well as ensure that the scientificity of study method and study process can also be reflected. Thus, it is hoped that the study and discussion for this paper may provide the powerful support for effective implementation of further deepening the study work in future.

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