Study on the regression model of the relations between special quality and special results for high jump athletes

Author(s): Yan Feng

In order to study the relationship between the high jumpers’ special quality and its results, this article collects 14 world-class excellent jump athletes’ special quality and special performance on seven special items, as 100m run, standing triple jump, the run-up hand tough high, 4-6 strides approach high, after throwing the shot put, high grab the barbell and squat barbell. First of all, conduct correlation analysis of each special quality and its special performance.And the study found that there is certain correlation between the two. Secondly, conduct a principal component analysis of all special qualities and extract a principal component. Then build a regression model with the principal component data as independent variables and its special results as the dependent variables. This model reflects the relationship between the special qualities and special performances, and provides a reference for the daily training for coaches and athletes.

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