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Study on the mechanism of corporate social capital and dynamic ability impacting on enterprise intelligence growth

Author(s): Zhao Yan, Peng-Jie Sun

Taking the Internet Economy Era as the research perspective, defining the concept of enterprise social captal and dynamic capabilities,delimitting enterprise intelligence growth,discusses the mechanism of enterprise social capital and its dimension affecting enterprise intelligence growth,investigates the mechanism of dynamic capabilities and its dimension influencing enterprise intelligence growth. Results show that enterprise social capital is the resource basis and resource protection of enterprise intelligence growth,the various dimensions of enterprise social capital play different role in safeguarding resources. Dynamie capabilities is the safeguarding ability and the key power of enterprise intelligence growth,the various dimensions of dynamic capabilities drive to achieve the targets of enterprise intelligence growth. Enterprise social capital is Adhesives between dynamic capabilities and enterprise intelligence growth, enterprise social capital is catalyst of dynamic capabilities converting to enterprise intelligence growth, dynamic capabilities is architects of converting to enterprise intelligence growth. Enterprise social capital and dynamic capabilities are the two wheel of driving enterprises intelligence growth,they are mutual synergy,they jointly drive and guarantee achieving the target of enterprise intelligence growth.

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