Study on the maximum deviation of basketball’s shooting angle and speed based on numerical simulation

Author(s): Liyan Zhang, Shaowei Zhang

As basketball becomes popular, the exciting atmosphere and other factors such as the aggressive defend reduce the shooting field. The basic and simple way for scoring in basketball match is shooting, the accuracy of which has decided the game to a great extent. The key points for the accuracy of shooting are the power and direct, and the speed and angle of shooting can decide the goal. By establishing the mathematic model of the ball and basket, the essay is focus on the influence of shooting field under the four different variables: the size of the ball and basket, the air resistance, shooting angle and speed and the relative maximum deviation. On a standard basketball ground, the fast the speed increases, the less deviation the angle allows; the bigger deviation the speed allows, the stricter demand we have on the angle than the speed. If the speed is fixed, the higher you shoot, the less deviation of the angle you’ll have, at this time, the allowable deviation of shooting speed can be up to the limit, and the demand for shooting angle and speed is low accordingly.

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