Study on the doortrim intrusion velocity based on occupant injuries of side impact

Author(s): Dong Liping, Zhu Xichan, Ma Zhixiong

In the side vehicle impact, the door intrusion velocity, the door trim panel, the side restraint system and the side living space determined the damage of the dummy. Thus, the door intrusion velocity was closely related to not only the vehicle impact crashworthiness but also the dummy injury in the side impact. Based on the analysis of the movement process of the door during the side impact and the simplification of the door intrusion velocity, the door velocity can be simplified as the acceleration process, the deceleration process and steady process. Then, the timing sequence between the door trim velocity and occupant injury was studied. Afterword, a restraint system simulation model of side impact was established using the MADYMO soft. The sensitivity of the relation between the door trim velocity and the occupant injury was analyzed and it showed that the acceleration process of the door velocity had the most significant effect on the occupant injury

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