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Study on the dimension of psychological ownership in the perspective of hierarchy of needs theory

Author(s): Xiao Zhixiong

Psychological ownership is a frontier problem of organizational research, has stronger explanatory power than the formal ownership to employee’s behavior, has a certain internal relations with Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory. On the basis of three kinds of motivation of psychological ownership and the hierarchy of needs theory, this paper puts forward three dimensions of psychological ownership: security dimension, relationship dimensions and ability dimension, and discusses the relationship of three dimensions of psychological ownership, three kinds of motivation of psychological ownership, five kinds needs of hierarchy of needs theory, scientifically and reasonably develops the theory of psychological ownership. Research on the dimension of psychological ownership in the perspective of the hierarchy of needs theory expands the research perspective of psychological ownership, is beneficial to the popularization and application of the theory of psychological ownership, at the same time, lays the foundation for the empirical research of psychological ownership.

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