Study on the construction of urban landscape sports culture

Author(s): Zhang Jian, Guo Hai-xia

The construction of urban landscape sports culture is not only a necessary complementarity to the research field of current cultural construction, but also offers a new field for the cultural development and construction. Based on the national fitness campaign, the construction of urban landscape reflects the principle of human centralization. By methods of literature, case analysis, it probes into the construction of urban landscape sports culture, and integrates urban landscape and sports items in order to seek for a condition that sports, environment and human beings may be kept in harmony, thus, to provide reference and basis for urban management, planning, construction and the development of sports culture. Previous studies focuses on the relationship between urban landscape construction and sports development in theory; With the combination of theory and practice, the paper carries out an in-depth, systematical, overall investigation and analysis on the current situation of sports fields, in order to construct a new mode of city landscape environment and mass sports based on empirical study.

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