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Study on the assessment of college students English proficiency based on cluster analysis

Author(s): Wu Li

Cluster analysis method has a very profound impact on the assessment of college students in terms of their achievements in English, in which the ability of the students can be a more accurately assessed. With regard to this aspect, this paper, through sample selection of class 2007 Students' scores in Chinese universities, in which involves 206 colleges and universities. This research first sort the students’ achievement squinty, and then further cut its initial classification as smaller samples according to a certain percentage. Using cluster analysis through appropriate statistical software to assess the data effectively, in order to draw out the perspectives that students need to improve, and it has specific classification of the students who share the similarities. This can make the process of group teaching in college English education explicitly and scientifically. Through research and discussion in this paper, allows the performance of the ability of students to be able to get specific embodiment, which leading a positive impact on enhancing the overall student achievement, while the process of cultivation of students will be continuously strengthened in order to achieve efficiency and comprehensive development. In the hope that this paper can provide the appropriate basis for the theory and practice of college English teaching and idealistic and scientific assessment methods.

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