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Study on the application of three-dimension reconstruction technology in human movement sciences

Author(s): Jin Zhang

The three-dimension reconstruction technology plays an important role in human movement sciences. It effectively analyzes human bones and the range of motion of joints, making articular range of motion during this exercise more scientific, and exerting positive impact on the adjustment of its athlete's gestures, as well as reflecting problems about their range of motion. Based on model design of three dimensions of human bones, the study focuses on common body construction by the means of three-dimension reconstruction technology, laying a solid foundation for the application of threedimension reconstruction technology by the principle of rigid motions of the human bones. Also, it analyzes human skeleton model based on constraints, providing a theoretical background for the application of three-dimension reconstruction technology. It gives an improvement on the application of three-dimension reconstruction technology by the inertial sensors, initial calibration, real-time tracking of the human body posture andposture of human motion data acquisition and processing, making the process of the study more closely, and ensuring the study more scientific and rational, to lay a good foundation for future research on theory and practice.

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