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Study on school pe teaching evaluation system construction and manipulability

Author(s): Xingsheng Zhang

With the widespread implementation of elementary education reform in the new period, huge changes have taken place in the model and ideology of physical education in many schools of china. The new model and ideology of school physical education have put forward new requirements on the school PE teaching evaluation system. However, there are some disadvantages in the existing PE teaching evaluation system, not meeting the requirements of new curriculum reform. So the study on school PE teaching evaluation system and manipulability is badly needed to cope with the contradiction and problems between the theory of school PE teaching evaluation system and practice, with the purpose of improving the physical education teaching level to a higher level of development and reform and promoting the comprehensive improvement and development of students' quality. This paper takes school physical education teaching evaluation system and manipulability as research perspective on the basis of reading a large number of relevant literatures, introducing the contents of evaluation system and the importance of the evaluation system construction, and analyzing the current situation of the physical education teaching evaluation system. Operational strategies of school physical education teaching evaluation system have been proposed to deal with specific questions. For example, the teaching evaluation index system shall be diversified, and the contents of evaluation shall also be diversified, the subjectivity of evaluation object shall be given full play. At last, I hope that this research can provide some references for the construction of school physical education teaching evaluation system.

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