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Study on relationship between students’ perception to teacher role and students’ english scores based on multimedia english class environment

Author(s): Jing Wang, Haohan Xue, Jia Zhu

At present, English competence is one of the most basic quality of the students, English learning mode in multimedia English class environment can greatly improve the learning interest and learning efficiency of the students, but there are still nonstandard teaching mode, incorrect teaching method and other problems at present which may affect the learning motivation and enthusiasm of the students. First of all, the concept of multimedia class teaching and corresponding advantages and disadvantages are introduced in this paper to make analysis from such four aspects as teacher’s support, teacher’s leading, teacher’s equality and innovation of the classroom, to discuss the relationship between the perception of students to teacher role and the English scores of the students under multimedia English class environment. Therefore, the teachers must improve their own qualities enhance self leadership ability, treat equally each student, dare to create and have the courage to create in view of learning features and corresponding teaching knowledge of the students in the multimedia English learning under a new situation. Only in this way, can the teacher improve the perceptibility of the students for his role, and stimulate their learning interest, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the English scores and ability of the students effectively.

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