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Study on real-time monitoring for family environment based on embedding technology and internet technology

Author(s): Hongsheng Li

The construction of real-time monitoring system for internet home environment is realized through this process on mutual transmit of networking information and effective analysis, while the effective combination of embedding technology can effectively lower the construction cost of system and the scientific research and developing period so as to enable that the system design can meet the specific demand of wider users. In the process of study, the objective of system design is further defined mainly in this paper to plan the overall structural schematic diagram of system, and the systematic study and exploration are performed for the function that the system may play. Secondly, the discussion is performed mainly pertaining to the system hardware scheme, the extension of functional module for system is served as the subject so as to enable that the function in the developing process of system can be improved constantly. Afterwards, the relevant exploration of type selection process for software scheme of system is also performed, the constitution of software structure for system can be reasonable further; meanwhile, the coordination work capability with hardware can be improved continuously so as to provide more complete study process for overall construction of system. This is the theme thought for this paper in the study process; meanwhile, it also is the key that the real-time monitoring of home environment by embedding technology and internet technology can be effectively fused. The specific purpose and practicality for study can be observed explicitly from this study thought.

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Table of Contents

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