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Study on product appearance design based on brand identification

Author(s): Sun Qianqian

The research theory of product appearance design based on brand identification was brought forward earlier in foreign counties, and a systematic and mature theory was formed in the market competition earlier. Compared with the foreign product appearance design, the product appearance design lacks the systematicness in our country, leading that the product appearance design in our country fails to form a unique brand by the product appearance design, even although there are unique creative ideas within sometimes. This study takes the product appearance design based on brand identification as the task to put forward a systematic product appearance design system theory and describe the application of the design system by the appearance design of mobile phone products of Apple Inc. The market statistics report in 2014 shows that the mobile phone of Apple Inc has accounted for 17.3% in the market of our country at present, its market share ranks the third; the international market share is 15.3%, the market share also ranks the third. It can be observed from the actual example that the annual appearance design completes the brand identification of Apple Inc. The systematic appearance design method can bring about good application effect.

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