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Study on performance of serial-robot manipulator based on spatial and structural parameters

Author(s): Hanbing Yan, Dongxing Qin, Guangxu Li, Hui Ju

The performance of serial-robot manipulator is an important restrictive condition for the effective working of the robot. The study, in the first place, produced a discussion on the manipulator’s structure and had it divided into waist joint, shoulder joint, elbow shoulder, wrist-pitching joint, and wrist-drawing joint, 5 joints in all. In the third part are the analysis on the kinematics principles of serial-robot manipulators, the discussion on the simplified manipulator motion model and the kinematics analysis on manipulators. And the following part is the detailed analysis on the workspace calculation of serial-robot manipulators, which is an important part in the study. In this part, firstly Monte Carlo method is introduced and then the stimulation analysis on the workspace of the manipulator. The fifth part is the detailed discussion on the area calculation of the manipulator by means of self adaptive mesh modeling, which is the core of the study. In this part, the volume calculation of workspace consists of 8 steps, outsourcing construction, spatial subgrid partition, redundant subgrid elimination, boundary spatial subgrid location, second subgrid partition, redundant boundary spatial subgrid elimination, space volume calculation and space volume modification. Lastly, the paper gave simple analysis on the influence on worksapce of manipulator based on various parameters. The research method is rigorous and effective, which can be referred to by relevant researchers.

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