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Study on new antenna designs for modern wireless communication system

Author(s): Mingming Fang

The cellular technology and the wireless communication technology is developing and improving rapidly. The antenna acts as the bridge between the user terminal and the base station controller (BSC). Being a vital component of the wireless communication system, the antenna's basic function is to broadcast and to receive electromagnetic waves. It will, to a large extent, affect the quality and the speed of the communication. With the progressing of the antenna technology, the mobile terminal devices have evolved from the original communication tools to highly intellectualized equipments. The communicated content was also diversified, as there are now FM programs, TV shows and internet. All these, however, brings demanding standards to the antenna. For example, it requires a much higher bandwidth and top performances from the antenna to support the complex applications and communication function of the mobile terminals. Besides, the communication system’s portable terminal has nearly locked the position of the antenna, which demands that the size of the antenna must be downscaled. The control of the wave velocity, shape and its directivity can be usually optimized by improving the radiation characteristics of the antennas, which will boost the overall performance of a system. In this way, also improved are the channel capacity and the frequency utilization ratio. This paper, beginning with the introduction of the development status of the wireless communication system and the antennas, studies some of the designs of new antennas. With that study, this paper also analyzes the development direction fitting to modern communication system and the relevant devices, as well as the structure adaptation and trend of antennas.

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