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Study on model evaluation and selection of logistics service supplier based on hybrid value decision information

Author(s): Debo Ding

In cooperation of supply chain, evaluation and selection of product supplier is a key element and core task for assuring whole supply chain to operate orderly and normally. The study analyzed and studied model of hydrid value decision information according to its logistics service form in supplier evaluation and selection. Study on supplier selection was divided into three methods: qualitative studying method, quantitative studying method, interrelated qualitative and quantitative studying method. In models of supplier selection, no matter which model of supplier is selected eventually, it will be dependent on basic data of decision information and will need to borrow the information data for multiple supplier evaluation to a certain degree. With relevant calculation methods and specific examples, the study proved that there were two main kinds of information in decision information of supplier selection model: fixed value data and interval data. According to this analysis, the study conducted supplier selection method based on hybrid value decision information. Selecting method was used for analysis and study on model of logistics service supplier evaluation and selection. With deciding method of maximization of division grade and probability difference, the study multiply analyzed and studied logistics service supplier selection, explained and introduced specific calculating methods, and conducted further discussion with relevant examples.

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