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Study on keeping track of taekwondo players stamina and cultivating the training ability

Author(s): Shuang Zhao

Cultivating taekwondo players’ ability to keep track of their stamina is crucial to the improvement their physical constitution. It reveals the shortcomings of the individual stamina and makes the training more targeted. This study made thorough analysis on all aspects by conducting an experiment with a certain number of taekwondo players as target samples and made a comparison of the test results before and after the stamina training. First, this study made an analysis of players’ all index figures by comparing and analyzing the stamina results before and after the training to demonstrate the importance of stamina training. Second, this study made an analysis of the results of isokinetic measurement on knees and other analysis of peak torque test results and isokinetic test results. Third, this study made a detailed analysis of stamina training methods and means and worked out effective training processes and training programs, so as to enable taekwondo players to have the ability of keeping track of their stamina.

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