Study on jogging's effects on cardiopulmonary function and load of 200 college students

Author(s): Pengtao Lu

Serving as a basic measure of human’s physical fitness, the cardiopulmonary function also reflects human body’s exercise load and affects people’s choices of sports exercises. This survey is mainly focused on a jogging test taken by 200 students from Henan Institute of Science and Technology. By measuring the maximal oxygen uptake, heart rate and carbon dioxide output, the cardiopulmonary function and load as well as the physical indexes of the students could be measured. The test fully indicated the effects of jogging on the students’ cardiopulmonary function and load, which in turn reflected the value and practicality of this sport. This survey enabled the students to have a further understanding of their own cardiopulmonary load, which would exert a positive influence on the students’ choices of sports and their cardiopulmonary function. What mentioned above are the main purpose and aim this study. Meanwhile, by the way of statistics, the effects of jogging on the students’ cardiopulmonary function could be illustrated, which laid a solid foundation of this scientific study.

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