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Study on internet-oriented college students' ideological education

Author(s): Zhang xiuxia, Du junfang

Internet plays an important part in the campus, along which it has also produced an unprecedented influence on ideological education of college students. At the same time, the ideological education has brought great challenges for the college students. With the increasing reform and penetration of China's education quality, the mainstream consciousness occurred in ideology field is gradually weaken, phenomenon of distorted value orientation and wrong behavior is growing and interaction between people is gradually blurring. In this case, college students' network ideological education has attracted more attention, which has become the focus of attention in academic circles. Firstly, the four kinds of features of internet were discussed. The features of Internet make it a challenge for the educators to use the Internet to carry out educational work. Opportunities generated by internet were also analyzed. At lastly, we proposed five kinds of effective way to ideological education by internet. Firstly, we should set up school information media, and complete school network media system. Then, we should intensify the internet management and organize a powerful, ideological educator team and Strengthen Research the Internet Culture Propagation and Internet Ideological Education Research. Lastly, College Students' Media Literacy should be improved by creating the network media education.

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