Study on influence of truism development on cultural identity of aboriginal community-take the historic city of dongchang, liaocheng, shandong province as an example

Author(s): Shan Minglei

Community culture identity under the context of tourism is a dynamic and multidimensional structural system, vulnerable to the influence of external economic and cultural environment and internal community culture identity and other factors. We try to explain the dynamic system by establishing a measurement model for community culture identity under the context of tourism. Thereinto community culture change is an important measurement factor influencing community culture identity, the tourism culture formed in the tourism community through interaction of foreign culture with local culture plays an important role in community culture identity change. Based on empirical investigation on the status of community culture identity in tourism development of the historic city of Dongchang, we find that rapidly developing tourism industry is changing social and cultural development of local community culture in economic and cultural form and further influences local residents’ value and community culture identity

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