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Study on influence of Chinese square dance on poor mental health of elderly females

Author(s): Luo Hong, Deng Hongmei, Wang Yuefeng, Chen Yuanping, Wang Wei

With accelerated aging in China, the degree of poor mental problem of the elderly is especially significant. In order to identify the mental problems of the elderly, this paper takes 62 elderly females (31 persons as standard group and 31 persons as treatment group) from first-class cities as study object with literature method, questionnaire method, interviewing method, statistical method, comparative analysis method, logical reasoning method and other methods. They are first subject to mental test and following-up survey and then grouped reasonably into standard group (31 persons) and treatment group (31 persons) and finally subject to a comparative analysis. The conclusion is drawn that poor mental health indexes of elderly females are all relatively serious mental health problem, lonely mentality and conceited mentality are serious problem; after treatment with square dance, significantly improved indexes in two observations are lonely mentality and conceited mentality, significantly improved indexes in one observation are inferiority mentality, emptiness mentality, selfish mentality and guess mentality, significantly improved indexes in two observations are vanity mentality and rivalry mentality and significantly improved indexes in one observation are blundering mentality and jealous mentality

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