Study on fuzzy multilevel index comprehensiveevaluation model of green building

Author(s): Wenxue Zhu

The definition of green building is that it gives a more specific explanation in the relationship between ecological environment and service quality; however in the comprehensive evaluation system on whether the building can meet the requirements of green construction is particularly important. This paper first takes the definition of evaluation system of green building as the premise, compare on its index system. And have a discussion on general problems for the selection of indicators, as well as the specific principles that should be improved. Second is a further exploration to the construction of evaluation system of green building, which mainly combines selection principle of evaluation index, preliminary screening of evaluation index and relevance determination between indicators these three aspects for further study, from which to lay a solid foundation for the effective establishment of evaluation index. On this basis, the construction of new three-dimensional evaluation model of green building is specifically described, from which to determine the index weight, the establishment and analysis of a three-dimensional evaluation model. This is the main idea of the body of research and exploration, which also gives full guarantee to the scientificity and rationality for this paper, and provides solid theoretical and data support for the construction of fuzzy multilevel comprehensive evaluation index model.

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