Study on background monitoring system of intelligent transformer substation based on IOT

Author(s): Yuping Zheng

With the development and application of science and technology, the monitoring system of transformer substation faces higher requirements. Currently, most of the monitors, warning devices and other safety auxiliary facilities installed at transformer substationsare independent of each other without unified management. In addition, the data mainly coming from on-the-spot monitoring and collection of staff will be then brought back for analysis. Therefore, the existing faults found in the monitoring and management of transformer substation equipment and rapid investigation of transformer substations cannot be timely and quickly resolved. In order to guarantee the safety, the staff can not visitparticular areas to collect data, thus there are blind areas existing in monitoring system of transformer substation. The construction of background monitoring system of intelligent transformer substation based on the research, development and application of the technologies of IOT can realize real-time transmission of the remote data of intelligent monitoring of transformer substation and auxiliary control system, including video information, all kinds of remote control commandoperating production equipment, report of creation and processing of emergency, thus making the background monitoring of transformer substation more convenient to appropriately solve the problems existing in traditional mode. The real-time transmission of monitoring data to make the data convenient for the operation and inspection of staff. The application of wireless sensors, positioning system, radio frequency identification and other technologies of IOT in transformer substations realizes the accurately, and timely located monitoring of transformer substation, thus establishing an intelligent management platform of monitoring system.

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