Study of the relationship between the effect of health education and the educational degree of parents in children with respiratory tract infection

Author(s): Jia Yuzhen, Liu Guangxia, Liu Dexue, Shi Xiaoxia

Through the change of hospitalization frequency and loss rate of health education in children with respiratory tract infection, to explore the effect of health education and parents' education degree on children’s health, the children aged 3-12 years were randomly divided into Group A, B and C, Corresponding educational degree of parents for middle school and below, secondary education, university. Both children and parents received the health education once ten days .The observation period was one year. Evaluation was the frequency and the health education of hospitalized children with respiratory tract infections year turnover.In the total of 1320 cases ,800 cases were Completed health education ,as 360 cases in A group, 240 cases in B group and 200 cases in C group . From hospitalization frequency, Group A was close to the times of hospitalization 6-9 times / year, Group B was close to 3-6 times / year and Group C was close to <3 times / year. The loss of health education were 520 Cases: The loss rate was 41.94% in Group A, 25% in Group B and 47.37% in Group C .The statistical results shown significant differences between three groups as a lower loss rate in Group B than A and C ,while Group C was the highest characteristics. Conclusion: Parents culture degree had influence on children's health education. Different health education on cultural degree of parents could have different results and different ways of education method. It was a reasonable solution to give them the health education on children's parents of secondary education once every ten days

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