Study of the design and realization of database connection sharing technology based on the distributed connection management system

Author(s): Juan Du, Jianchun Cao

When the database is connecting, due to certain restrictions, it will affect the multiple programs to share data, and mainly expressing in that some programs takes up too much the database connection. And some programs cannot acquire database connection service, appearing unbalanced performance bottlenecks. The key point is how to solve the problem that various programs acquire effective allocation of their own needs. The method adopted is mainly through distributed connection management system to realize, it is mainly based on JDBC connection pool, which can achieve a higher level of connection sharing technical solutions. The research mainly studies the complexities of each node when carrying out share connection under distributed connection management system, in order to realize the optimal condition of dynamic load balancing; And how to add the new node to meet the high load system in the process of dynamic management, while reduce the node when the utilization rate of the load is low. Then allocation algorithm is studied, proposing the priority allocation strategy; The overall scheme of distributed connection management system are introduced, including its core module and implementation method of the structure, and also by introducing a new design to ensure that the connection pool system under the circumstance of high concurrency operate steady. Finally, the whole test system is verified, mainly on the distribution of the priority, dynamic adjustment and dynamic load balancing, etc.

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