Study of sensor network position algorithm based on wave spectrum

Author(s): Wang Ying-Yan, Zeng Rui

The submarine wireless sensor network receives more and more nation the attention, but due to the sea water fluidity, the sensor node also can along with the ocean current movement, then cause in the network the node relative position to have the change frequently. Traditional method of non-active network position, kindly update the geography coordinates of sensor node, time and space complexity of this algorithm, not only a waste of system resources, and will also result in reduced network responsive to the same problem even cause positioning errors. Through analyze the characteristics of wave spectrum, the wave spectrum is applied to the node positioning, improved MCMPA algorithm for node position in forecasting steps, proposed MCMPA position prediction method based on wave spectrum (WMCMPA), and using simulation tools to experiment, evaluate the performance of various aspects of the algorithm

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