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Study of quantitative analysis on rural settlement spatial distribution feature based on the landscape ecology theory and GIS method

Author(s): Qiwei Guo

With the rapid development of china’s rural urbanization, the demand of construction land has surged, bringing the consequence of a large number of high quality arable land being used for construction land and accelerating the contradiction between supply and demand. How to use limited land resources effectively to realize healthy and harmonious development is a serious issue in front. The spatial distribution characteristics of modern rural settlements embody how to maximize convenient for work, so it is very chaotic. And the core content of this study is to make the distribution of rural settlements become more intensive. In this study, Gangu County is taken as the research area, and the research object is the spatial distribution of rural settlement, and the theory of landscape ecology and GIS method have been adopted to carry on research. Firstly, this study introduces the distribution features of china’s rural settlement, and expounds the basic concept of the two methods. Taking rural settlements of Gangu County as an example, residential landscape pattern and spatial distribution features of Gangu County have been studied by using the methods of landscape ecology, and land use landscape index and economic development data and other contents of rural settlement have also been analyzed, the rural settlement optimization model based on GIS method has been introduced, considering the natural environment and social economic characteristics and other factors. Finally, this study comprehensively introduces how to best optimize the different types of rural residential land distribution, practical experience of relevant research has been summarized, providing a good theoretical basis for the optimization of rural settlement in counties of mainland.

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