Study of optimizing the transportation distribution of coal

Author(s): YanYan,ZhenjingDa,GuanchenZhou

According to the present situation of the influence on the environment from the transportation system of coal, itÂ’s necessary to study the construction and optimization of the transportation system of coal and design an operating mechanism of green transportation system of coal in order to achieve the transformation fromtraditional transportation to green transportation. The present paper has supplied an optimized scheme: in order to minimize the pollution and green transportation, the shortest path and the best distribution can be achieved through themethod ofmultimodal transport, considering both road and rail.First of all, considering both road and rail, a network chart of road and rail transportation has been plotted. Based on the algorithm of War shall-Floyd, the shortest path between supply place and marketing place can be obtained. Secondly, according to table dispatchingmethod, the best distribution scheme can be plotted.Then you can get the minimum freight.

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