Study of antibacterial and antioxidant properties of pomegranate peel weak acid extracts

Author(s): Min Fan, Ran Yu, Hengfeng Kuang, Jiawei Shu, Peng Li, Li Li

In order to investigate whether the weak acid solution is an effectively pomegranate peel polyphenols extract agent or not, this work took 5% aqueous acetic acid asweak acid extraction agent, water and 50%aqueous ethanol extract as contrast agent to extract pomegranate peel polyphenols, the total phenol content, total oxidation resistance, free radical scavenging ability, superoxide anion radical scavenging capacity of extracting solution and extract antibacterial ability as evaluation criterion to study the extracting effect of 5% acetic acid aqueous solution. It showed that pomegranate peel polyphenols extract by 5% acetic acid aqueous solution has higher total phenol content, antioxidant capacity, free radicals scavenging ability, superoxide anion radical scavenging capacity, and antibacterial ability against E. coli, yeast andmold.As a result, 5%acetic acid aqueous solution may be amore appropriate extract agent for pomegranate peel polyphenols.

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