Study and application on synergistic effect of double chromogenic agent between Eosin Y and butyl rhodamine B

Author(s): Baosheng Liu, Chao Yang, Xiaona Yan, Jing Wang, Yunkai Lv

In this paper, we researched the formation condition and application on ionic complex between Eosin Y (EY) and Butyl Rhodamine B (BRB). The ternary complex GaCl4BRB in toluene solvent was resolved by controlling the pH in water phase, GaCl4BRB was resolved into water phase, then add Eosin Y which was the same color as BRB into water phase, the ionic complex (BRB)2· EY was formed by electrostatic effect between BRB with positive charges and EY with negative charges. (Figure 1) Then the ionic complex (BRB)2· EY was extracted by toluene and was isochromatized by adding n-butanol catalyzed solvent, in that case, the determination sensitivity of Gallium was improved obviously because the addition effect of Double ChromogenicAgent in the ionic complex (BRB)2· EY. The detect limit was decrease from 0.3 ìg L-1 to 0.1ìg L-1. The method has been applied to determine Galliuminmineralwith satisfactory results.

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