Studies onwater-saving and high-yield cultivation techniques of super rice

Author(s): Bai Pu, Pang Bingrong

In recent years, the problems of food security and water shortages in the world have become more and more serious. The super hybrid rice has been applied on a large scale in China for its high yield,good quality and resisitance desease,which increases the market supply of rice in China. In this paper,some comprehensive technicalmeasures withwater-saving and high yield has been discussed,which include selecting fine combinations with strong drought resistance,nurturing vigorous seedling with watersaving technique, much early drying practice to control ineffective tillers, aerobic irrigation during the whole growth period and fully make use of natural precipitation in soil. Because of being more efficiently use of the resources of light, temperature, water, gas, fertilizer in paddyfield,the technolegy can markedly improved the yield and quality of super rice. The Methane emissions reduce 73.2%-85.0% by this technology during the whole growth period than that of submerged irrigation. According to our examination, this technology lead to rice sheath blight reduced by 25%, rice plant hoppers reduced by 46%,rice leaf folde reduced by 70% compared to conventional cultivation. So by this technology,the goal has been achieved with water-saving, low consumption, pollution reduction, high yield and efficiency in production of super rice.

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