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Studies on tolerance and serum biochemical indexes of juvenile Pseudosciaena crocea in different temperature

Author(s): Ruan Chengxu, Yuan Chonggui, Zhang lei

Both high temperature and low temperature test are included in this essay, studying the tolerance on temperature of juvenile Pseudosciaena crocea. At the same time, we will compare the data in normal water temperature, high temperature limit and low limit to analyze the mechanism of their reaction to temperature. The result indicates that the high limit is 37ô€”¨ while the low one is 8ô€”¨, we also find that the fish’s serum enzyme and blood fat in normal water condition are so different from they are in limit temperature conditions through the study on the serum biological data(P<0.05). There is a possibility that the change of water will cause some damage on the fish entrails, leading to the change for serum enzyme and blood fat.

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Table of Contents

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