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Students physique test and their physical health correlation analysis

Author(s): Shoubin Li1, Xueheng Li

Student is most basic level in sports system construction and also is a most fundamental part; it is one of sports development direct beneficiaries. With the development of sports and upgrading of education problems, students’ physical education has gradually upgraded into one of problems that sports circles and education circles common discuss. The paper starts from students’ physical health and their sports test results two aspects, and goes deeper researches on students’ physical health status, sports schedule arrangement status as well as students’ physical education attitudes changes. By investigating Chinese students physical health status and corresponding sports test results, utilizes SPSS software to make chi-square test, it finds that Chinese students physical health is in poor conditions, unhealthy phenomenon of relatively fat, relative thin, too heavy, too thin, malnourished is relative serious, which also affects students’ sports test results to a certain extent, so brings sports test into students results and comprehensive evaluation system, is an important measure that beneficial to students all-round development. By investigating students’ sports time arrangement status, it finds that students physical education attitudes changes are great by implementing sports test, Chinese students sports activities are basically arranged in physical education courses, it mainly school monitoring and voluntary exercise have effects, their duration is basically 30min~1h and 45min~1.5h, which is relative longer.

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