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Structural paradigm shift of proteins against thermal stress through evolutionary proteome

Author(s): Anindya Sundar Panja, Shiboprosad Mandal, Bidyut Bandopadhyay and Smarajit Maiti

The proteome body is the most important determining factors of the phenotypic characteristics of an organism. Generally a phenotypic feature physically interacts with the nature and its evolutionary changes. A sustained adverse interactions result in the extinction of the organism. The present review focuses on the different conditions like natural selection pressures, mutations, temperature etc. On the organismal genotypic features which finally dictate the proteins structure and functions. What we think as a whole, changes in natural process is basically the factors that can be termed as stress. Deviations from the existing natural cues may generate smaller or larger amount of stress on the organism. So the organism and its metabolic representative, proteins should earn the natural stress withstanding abilities for their sustenance. Structural modifications in proteins like balanced proportion of hydrophilic/ hydrophobic amino acid occurrence in its structure, presence of salt bridges and other weak interactions are responsible for structural paradism of these proteins. The peptide non-planarity is also an important determining factor that efficiently and linearly favoured the stress withstanding abilities against qualitative and quantitative stresses on the course of evolutionary period. All these factors in proteins may serve as immensely powerful force for surviving millions of years on the course of evolutionary processes

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