Structural equation based csr evaluation model in construction industry and empirical analysis

Author(s): Shuqin Zheng

In order to realize effective management of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in construction industry, a major issue in current researches is to establish a scientific and reasonable CSR evaluation model in construction industry. This paper is based on Carroll's "Stakeholder/Responsibility" matrix theory, and proposes a CSR evaluation indicator system for construction industry in views of the objective measurement of behaviors and launches empirical studies on the CSR evaluation model in construction industry by using structural equations. It is found through verifications of the models that the CSR evaluation model established in this paper can explain the influence on CSR in construction industry by differences in CSR practices in the industry and other factors, so as to provide new references and technical supports for enterprises and government authorities to establish and improve their CSR guidelines and policies in the construction industry.

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