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Strategies for urban green space system plan based on the eco-oriented development mode

Author(s): Meng Luo

Since reform and opening-up, the rapid development has been gotten by our cities and the great progress has been made in the urban construction. With the urban evolvement, China's economy is also advancing with high speed, which brings about the consequential deterioration of eco-environment. The contradiction between economy and ecoenvironment is increasingly evident as the economy grows. Thereby the development of the city is oriented to the ecological city in the future. Facing the increasingly serious ecoenvironment problem, the urban green space plan was considered as a relatively independent and very important part of the urban plan system to proposed by the State Council on the National Urban Greening Working Conference in 2001. The urban green space system plan as the main part of ecological city construction, is crucial to the improvement of the eco-environment. In China the severe damage of eco-environment appears as the urbanization advances gradually. The ecological infrastructure has been replaced by the massive artificial infrastructure. We should rethink the increasingly environmental pollution, resource shortage, ecological unbalance and other issues. Moreover the system and methods of the urban green space plan must be obtained the promotion. The urban green space system plan should be operated in a rational and scientific way. This research analyzes the law and trend of the urban development, and discusses the present issues of our country’s urban green space plan. The strategies for urban green space system plan in the eco-oriented development mode, are herewith discussed in the study. The ecological functions of green space system plan, such as the gas regulation, the biodiversity and the disaster avoidance, play an important role on the residents’ life, it hereby to analyze the appropriate strategies.

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